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Welcome to the Moonshot Map 
Circular and Regenerative Projects in Aotearoa

The Moonshot Map is an initiative of PROJECT:MOONSHOT, powered by Ambquad Maps.


The Moonshot Map

The Moonshot Map is a database of Circular and Regenerative businesses/initiatives in New Zealand.


All projects or businesses on the Moonshot Map have been reviewed, curated and tagged based on:

i) the principles of doughnut economics and the ReSOLVE framework; and
ii) industry type

The first 100 projects uploaded onto the map have been selected by Moonshot Map Activators and our Curators: experts in their fields of Sustainability, Circular Economy, Circular Bioeconomy and Regenerative Economics.


- Images and information have been selected from publicly-available sources to showcase the initiative or organisation. As a result, some images may be low resolution or the shape distorted. Projects have been featured based on available information with the best intention. 

Please contact us at if: 
- You would like us to use alternative images or supply us with current information for any initiative featured or

- You have a comment on a particular project or business being featured on the Moonshot Map


We launched the Moonshot Map with our panel of Moonshot Curators, experts in their field. Now, anyone who recommends a project that is selected for the Moonshot Map will be credited as a Curator.


Do you know of a project that should be on the Moonshot Map?
Complete this form and our team will select those projects that meet our criteria. 

How We Characterised Circular And Regenerative:

The PRReSSOLVED Framework

Place-based Innovation, Restorative, Social Innovation and Distributive by Design. 

In addition to being possibly the world's worst acronym, 'PRReSSOLVED' is the Moonshot team's adaptation of the ReSOLVE framework developed by McKinsey for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to describe the characteristics of circular businesses.


We added the following dimensions associated with the Doughnut economic model and what we've learned from analysing regenerative cities