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Join hosts Juhi Shareef & Priti Ambani on their first podcast series and blog exploring megatrends, place-based innovation

and the big questions around what makes a resilient and regenerative city.

The MOONSHOT:CITY podcast series is an exploration of what we need to do to create cities that work for us in the 21st century and beyond. Cities which are resilient in the face of shocks like Coronavirus and climate change. Cities which help to regenerate the ecosystems on which they rely.


We live in New Zealand where our cities, way of life and employment heavily rely on healthy rural ecosystems. Cities here are far smaller than some of the megacities Juhi and Priti have lived in - London, New York, Mumbai. In NZ when we talk about cities, we therefore consider our 'city-regions'. 


As multicultural women, we understand that New Zealand's cultural richness is owed to mana whenua, our indigenous Māori people - and the cultural diversity of all ethnicities and genders who live in this beautiful country.

Podcasts were recorded during NZ's first lockdown in 2020.

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