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During lockdown in NZ in 2020, PROJECT:MOONSHOT co-founders Juhi Shareef and Priti Ambani created the MOONSHOT:CITY podcast and blog which asked the big questions around what makes a resilient and regenerative city. MOONSHOT:CITY is now the name for all MOONSHOT place-based innovations. 

Covid-19 led to the announcement of infrastructure projects in NZ to stimulate the economy and create employment, but there was widespread concern that these projects might lock us into a high carbon future at the very moment we need to rapidly decarbonise. 

The MOONSHOT team launched our podcast series with te takarangi - a model of the indigenous Māori double spiral based on the acclaimed 'doughnut' economic model by economist Kate Raworth - which Juhi co-created with Māori scientist, Teina Boasa-Dean. Tineke Tatt, a designer of Pasific-Island descent, developed the design with input from circular design entrepreneur Jennifer McIver.


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While many groups in NZ called for 'building back better' post Covid, the takarangi (the grey and white spiral in the doughnut diagram below) spoke to the need for us to set a context for these projects that acknowledged our ecological boundaries and social needs. A context that would enable the system-shift needed to transition to a distributive, circular, and regenerative future. And a context that was based on the values of New Zealand's indigenous Māori people.

Te takarangi and its related Kawa (values / customs) of Whakapapa, Wairua, Tapu / Noa, Mauri and Mana are being used by the Ministry for the Environment as the 'Compass' to inform the new National Waste Strategy for New Zealand. Teina and Juhi are part of the Strategy Advisory Group.

A compass needs a map, and the PROJECT:MOONSHOT team are now working on the Moonshot Map. 


Teina is an Advisor to  Project:Moonshot and is currently developing the practical application of te takarangi 'bio-spiral' at a national, regional and local level.

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Our Journey So Far


Project:MOONSHOT is Founded

Juhi Shareef and Priti Ambani joined forces to launch their decade of action - their first initiative was Moonshot:City Podcast series featuring practitioners working to make cities more resilient and regenerative


The birth of the MOONSHOT:MAP

2021! The launch of Moonshot:Map, an attempt to begin to underscore place-based innovation featuring projects, initiatives, organisations leveraging circular and regenerative thinking