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Exciting times ahead for Project:Moonshot

We're growing our team and the Moonshot Map

Every journey needs a map—and the time has come to grow the Moonshot Map to help guide the journey to a regenerative Aotearoa.

What’s been happening at Project:Moonshot?

It’s been an exciting time for Project:Moonshot founders Juhi Shareef and Priti Ambani, as we celebrate our success in securing a P4NE Aotearoa New Zealand funding grant from Partners for a New Economy (P4NE). This funding will enable the Project:Moonshot team to build on and share the work done to date in the creation of our Moonshot Map.

“It’s great to reflect on everything that Project:Moonshot has achieved to date in the service of system change —including the launch of Te Takarangi, our Moonshot:City podcast and blog series, and the creation of the Moonshot Map—all with the help of our dedicated and knowledgeable Moonshot Activators and our technology partner, Ambquad Maps.
We’re delighted that we’ve now secured the funding we need to take Project:Moonshot and the Moonshot Map to the next level. We’re confident that with the help of our growing team, collaborators and partners we can identify system insights to help us achieve our mission to accelerate the transition to a regenerative Aotearoa.”

-Juhi Shareef & Priti Ambani

Why the Moonshot Map?

The Moonshot Map aims to create a visual map of businesses, projects, prototypes, indigenous initiatives and infrastructure that are enabling place-based, systemic shifts to circular and regenerative economic models in Aotearoa.

Our funding investors, Partners for a New Economy (P4NE), have recognised the potential of the Moonshot Map to support Aotearoa’s transition to a circular and regenerative economy, and they’re keen to see us further enhance and develop this innovative sustainability data collection tool.

And we’re excited about the Moonshot Map’s potential to provide the kind of systems insights that will inform decision-making for a regenerative future. So, in 2022 we’ve committed to further developing the map, growing the database, and publishing insights drawn from the analysis of that data.

How will we achieve this?

We'll do this by:

  • enhancing the capability of the Moonshot Map

  • exponentially growing the place-based data about circular and regenerative businesses/initiatives in New Zealand held in the Moonshot Map, and

  • sharing our insights that we draw from analysis of that data—providing industry, government, and institutional decision-makers with the kind of information they need to accelerate the transition to a regenerative Aotearoa.

Who’s going to help us?

To achieve our ambitious goals, we’ve expanded our Project:Moonshot team. We’re excited to announce the engagement of two new team members: Olya Tolpyhina and Charlotte Browne.

Olya Tolpyhina joins Project:Moonshot as our Data Researcher, bringing with her the invaluable prior experience she gained as part of the team that helped create the Moonshot Map. Olya was one of our early Moonshot Map Activators and has been volunteering with Project:Moonshot since early 2021.

Olya also brings with her a wealth of experience in technology project and programme management, which she is keen to apply to the achievement of regenerative outcomes for Aotearoa. Olya’s recent study in sustainability leadership aligns with her passion for regenerative innovation, and she’s excited to be on board with a project that has the potential to drive systemic change.

“I’m really looking forward to the work that I will be doing with Project:Moonshot. I’m originally from Ukraine, the country under brutal aggression from Russia. This is one of the reasons why I’m strongly motivated to look for ways to reduce our use of fossil fuels. Our reliance on such resources can be used as political and economic weapons, resulting in wars. Energy independence, resilience, and effective use of resources has been my special area of interest for a long time.
I also find that people are getting more and more divided on sustainability issues. I believe we need to encourage dialogue on controversial issues and look for solutions together rather than drift further apart.”

-Olya Tolpyhina

Charlotte Browne joins the Project:Moonshot team as the Communications and Engagement Coordinator, bringing with her a broad range of experience in the fields of sustainability and communications.

Charlotte has worked in environmental management and sustainability project delivery roles during her career and has complemented her on-the-ground experience with post-graduate qualifications in sustainable business and sustainable development.

Her other keen interest is communications, and she’s excited to be able to combine her two passions—sustainability and writing—in her new role at Project:Moonshot.

“I feel privileged to be able to help tell the story of the Moonshot Map, and I’m really looking forward to sharing the important learnings that will be drawn from it. I love that the whole premise that underpins Project:Moonshot is collaboration—bringing people together to collaborate for positive change.
I believe that every action, every project, and every initiative that propels us towards a regenerative future should be celebrated—and I’m thrilled to be part of an organisation that’s doing just that.”

-Charlotte Browne

We’d also love to get your input. Do you know of a project that should be on the Moonshot Map? Or are you a founder, owner, employee, or volunteer at a business that should be on the map?

Complete this form and our team will select those projects that meet our criteria.

When will we start?

We all understand the desperate urgency to change our linear take-make-waste systems of production and consumption. This is why Project:Moonshot has already been working so hard to create a platform to see the good news: the local projects, businesses and change-agents who are already helping to make the transition to a circular and regenerative future.

So, our next step in the evolution of the Moonshot Map starts right now.

From today, we’ll be focusing our energies on enhancing, developing, and growing the Moonshot Map so that we can share our insights with you all.

For more information about our work check out our website.

We look forward to sharing our future progress with you!

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